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Train With Coach EP

Engaging in a 60-minute session offers a unique blend of sports-specific skill training and a focus on health and wellness. These sessions are not just about physical improvement but also about nurturing mental resilience and self-confidence. My approach integrates positive self-talk and other mental strategies, essential for athletes to perform at their best.

A Little About Me

Born into a family with a rich basketball heritage in Chicago, I've been deeply connected to the game from a young age. My grandparents and father all made significant marks in basketball, setting the stage for my own journey. Despite starting my college career in soccer at the University of Illinois-Chicago, my true love for basketball prevailed, leading me to switch sports and face an unconventional path filled with both triumphs and challenges, including a serious injury and a period of self-discovery.

Over the years, my career has taken me from high school varsity teams to international tours in Asia & Europe, teaching me invaluable lessons along the way. These experiences have shaped my understanding of what it takes to succeed in sports, emphasizing focus, discipline, skill, health, and above all, consistency.


Now, as a trainer and coach, I'm passionate about sharing these lessons and helping others navigate their sports and/or health & wellness journeys. My story is a testament to the lifestyle and love for the game, and I'm eager to share more about my experiences and insights in person.


(858) 252-3118​



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